You caused an accident in the past?

In this case you will definitely get something out of preventive work. Try to see the positive effects of telling your story to others, especially if you are still in the procedure of personally dealing with and accounting for the situation. It might help you when you are in a post accident procedure.
Could it be that you have even lost a friend?

It is a fact that road traffic accidents are the number one cause of death for young people under 25. To make a change your help is needed. Young people learning to drive in theory should hear about “real life”
Are you a victim of a traffic accident?

Maybe preventive work could also help you when you have to live with the fact that you are a victim of an accident. Active work to prevent young learner drivers from taking risks could save lives.
Are you a helper?

Maybe you were confronted with traffic accident situations with victims in the same age group as you are. It could never become such a routine that these situations don’t touch you on a very personal level. Could you imagine relating about those situations in front of young learner drivers to do additional preventive work?